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The process of our penetration testing is very simple and straightforward.You as a customer can contact us by email 

or by our contact us form.You tell us which Domains or Networks you want us to pentest.Then we send you a contract

by email and after filling out and signing the contract we start our work.At the end you will have the full documentation 

of both vulnerabilities in details with POC and their mitigations.

The process of asking for penetration testing services is as blow:

  • Contact us either by mail or by call
  • We send you a contract 
  • The payments are in 3 phases:
    • one third before start
    • one third while working on project
    • one third after delivering the reports

The prices are as blow:

Depending on the number of subdomains, for each subdomain 300 euro. Included web and network penetration testing.

Do you want to get our quality service for your business?